Nuria Ghia reveals a very personal side on Silky Squeak EP


Nuria Ghia’s next offering for the end of this summer is Silky Squeak EP, a collection of emotive songs inspired by her love of animals.

On this reference, Nuria fuses two of her life passions – her love of music and her respect for nature. “Silky Squeak EP is a techno release dedicated to two animals that are no longer with us and that were part of the family of two great friends of mine.”

The song “Silky Squeak” is dedicated to Chuki, a dog who loved the biscuits Nuria used to feed him; the brand was “Squeak” and it means “crunch”, so she used this word to refer to him with the music; Silky is a sweet adjective added to “crunch” because of the love she felt for that dog. Musically, it corresponds to the smooth sound textures that coexist in the track.

“”Jack Soul” is dedicated to Kareem, a very special cat who also passed on in 2012. I found that Jack also means “cat” in American slang so I have called it a “cat’s soul” to wish him a good journey.”

The creative process for the EP was inspired by those two animals, and given the feeling behind the music-making, Nuria focused on developing emotional atmospheres. “On “Silky Squeak” there is a childish voice in the background suggesting tenderness, contrasting certain “crunches” that go on appearing throughout the track. “Jack Soul” has a more cheerful tone and is closer to a journey, while “Silky Squeak” is more mental but always positive.”

“I have used my unique groove with several synths and on the vocals. The cover is very graphic as it is shows hair from two animals (one inside the other) and several hearts travelling vertically towards the two of them. That is the love that I send them.”

Nuria’s new reference includes two remixes by Matt Klas and Dema; it will be released on August 12th by BlueCube Records.

01. Silky Squeak (Original Mix)
02. Silky Squeak (Dema Remix)
03. Jack Soul (Original Mix)
04. Jack Soul (Matt Klas)